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The reference in investigation

Oudin Cabinet d’Enquêtes, a great combination of the best experts in contingency plans, shadowing, consulting services and investigations.

Accessible anytime 24/7.

Shed some light

After 30 years as a private investigator, including 15 years as director of investigations and president of OCE, Mr. Oudin, always attentive to the needs of its customers and investigators, puts forward his family name that inspired trust for several years.

Love of the trade, knowledge and know-how.


Our good reputation is based on a healthy proximity with our customer, an effective management and a team of investigators dedicated to their work.

The director of investigations involves himself in each file and intervenes daily in decision making. Nothing is left to chance.

Versatility, thoroughness, follow-up and availability.

INV 20001537
SC 20001537